Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ni No Kuni

Just finished the PS3 version of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

First half the game, totally worth the $15 I payed for it, third quarter felt off, and frankly the last quarter was unbelivebly anti-climactic.

That said, gameplay and controls are tight, and the Studio Ghibli animation is a joy to watch the whole way through. Husband even watched me play!

If you like Pokemon/Zelda dungeon runners you will probably greatly enjoy this game.

Each familiar (read "monster") you collect has a secondary form and two tertiary forms you must select between. Add fantastic pacing and side-questing, and I completed it in about two weeks, when I am notorious for not finishing games (looks at Bravely Default guiltily).

Part of what made the pacing so grand was side quests have dedicated portions of your quest log, so you know when you have a new one, you know where to look for it and you get some nice gameplay perks for completing them, like a chance for better item drops or more XP awarded at the end of a battle.

The story has many high points, but the side characters are a touch underdeveloped compared to say, Tales of Vesperia. But since Husband just finished Vesperia, that might well be a biased perception.

Overall, good game, good value and definitely a must play if JRPGs are a genre you enjoy even if just on occasion.

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