Monday, June 30, 2014

SCOTUS and Women's Health

I'm going to say upfront this is a reactionary piece. The below opinions are mine and mine only. Sarcasm, bitterness and emotional assertions may follow.

Page break because cursing. A lot. Probably results in NSFW.

Fuck you Supreme Court. Last week you repealed the requirement that protestors and harassers stay back at least 30-38 feet from the door of a women's clinic. This isn't even that common a requirement. Which is fucking depressing.

This week you went after contraception. Again. Fuck you very much.

But there is no cultural war on women. Oh, no!

Teh wimminz have sufferage now! and we let them drive, and work!

And good job! The wage gap is closing.

But we can't possibly keep our noses out of those women's bedrooms. No, they have to have the right kind of sex (post marriage, mono relationship only) and don't they know that sex is to procreate. And in this case it violates the First Amendment Right of Freedom of Religion of a Corporation to provide Obamacare-required contraceptives. Because oh noes! the blastocyst  new baby might not implant.

But what about my freedom to not have to deal with your Catholic or Baptist or Mormon or what-the-hell-ever flavor of Christianity you subscribe to?

What about my freedom to select the birth control that works best with my body and my lifestyle?

What about my right to not have a child until my partner and I are ready?

Ok, sarcasm and rhetorical questions aside, I'm one of those estimated 2 million women who have an intra-uterine device aka IUD. I have it for medical reasons. It was the best choice for me as the conventional "the Pill" birth control gave me unbelievable migraines. My memory is also not the best so a pill that required being taken at the exact same time every night/morning when-have-you really wasn't all that practical.

And now on to what I fear the actual consequences will be. More companies won't magically declare themselves religious, though I have no doubt that some will. Rather, I fear that the common healthcare providers will simply stop carrying/paying for things like IUDs on the company-paid plans. It'll become an extra premium women, (in particular) or whomever in the partnership has health care covered (in general), have to pay as a rider.

And that, ladies and gentlemen and all in-between, is where we get fucked. Contraceptives are bloody expensive as it is. "The Pill" on insurance is around $12 a month. I'll be honest and say I don't know what that would increase to. My IUD on insurance was free. The insurance company paid the doctor in full for the $700 device and the $200 insertion and the $200-ish follow up with ultrasound. Male condoms are around $13 for twelve, female condoms are almost double that at $15 for six. And condoms assume you have a partner who isn't allergic to the materials or otherwise disinclined to use them.

So fuck you for making my life, and the lives of women like me, harder SCOTUS.

Oh, and in case anyone is still wondering at this point, the buffer zone was repealed unanimously, and the contraception case was down party lines.

Update 2: Upon talking with a friend, I fell I should point out that my fears won't come true as a direct result of this ruling. It's too specific to company type and birth control type. What really worries me is that it sets precedent against women-controlled birth controls. As they chip away at one, it will be easier to chip away at others down the line.
Update-ish: MotherJones has a good listicle of the dissent.

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