Saturday, August 30, 2014

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

So, Spoilers.

So we're on episode 2 of season 8, and this time we were shrunk down with the Doctor and Clara and went inside the shell of a "Good/Moral" Dalek, aka. "Rusty".

Am I the only one who was disturbed that they defined a "Good" Dalek as a Dalek that wished to destroy other Daleks until the very end, when the Doctor did a Vulcan mind-meld with Rusty and Rusty saw the Doctors hatred of Daleks and through deus ex machina of a remembered birth of a star and the mind meld the Dalek became "Good" again, in that it wanted to kill other Daleks, not humans. But now, at the end of the episode this is no longer "Good" and the Doctor is upset that the Dalek wants to actively destroy other Daleks. But they didn't expound on the self-guilt that would have made that flip make any sense. Don't get me wrong, the guilt is there, as is the arrogance that he is right, but it feels like an afterthought.

That's the other thing. Classic series Whovians, please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that they are basing Capaldi's Doctor off of the 4th. Which is fine, I mean, he's not my favorite of the classics, mostly because he seemed to have a cruel streak. And it's that cruel streak that I think we're seeing in Capaldi's Doctor. 9 (usually), 10, and 11 especially tried to save everyone, and mourned the ones they couldn't. 12 will use those who he expects to die or who are about to die to further whatever crackpot plan he's got for the episode. Maybe I'll get used to it, like I did to 10 and then 11 when they had their turns. But damn, that cruel, or maybe the word is cavalier, attitude is disturbing. He doesn't care that people are dying to further his ends. It's exceedingly jarring.

And then to make it even more bizzare and uncomfortable for the viewer, they started and ended the episode with the Doctor asking Clara if he's a good man. At least her response is "I don't know."

I'm starting to think I'm watching hoping that Vastra and Jenny will show up because I'm certainly not coming back for Clara. Nor particularly for the Doctor. His character is, as of right now, one that I feel sorry for, but to whom I can't connect to. It's's like he's all-too-human in the worst possible ways.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Poor Puppy

My poor pug is 9 years old and his nails are very thick and curved, so he had chronic ingrown nails.

Well this time the vet didn't wrap his paw, but gave us a soft cone, excuse me, "Elizabethan Collar" for him to wear.

Edit 9/14/15: just realized the file location these were on no longer exists. If I manage to find them I will update again.

Here are the results.

He's a pissed off blue flower!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Next Doctor

I like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

I wish they would give Vastra, Jenny and Strax their own show.

I like that they took the time to allow us to get used to the new doctor, like they did for Ten.

As an American, Capaldi's accent got a bit troublesome, so I resorted to subtitles, but I think it'll only take an episode or two more for me to get used to it.

There were more back references to past (mostly new Who) moments in this one episode than I can ever remember in a single episode prior.

I think Clara is actually a better foil for Capaldi than she was for Smith. The chemistry feels more friendly and is more like what Ten and Donna had. It feels more natural. Personally, I appreciate the pointed removal of the crush/love interest companion, partly because I'd like to see River continue to make appearances.

Clara actually had personality this episode. She's been hit and miss to me, and this was one of the good ones.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Wow, time flies way too much as an adult. When you're a kid it always feels like it will never stop dragging.

Now, I would love for it to slow down, just a little bit.

Congratulations to my Husband, he's put up with my difficult, annoying feminist ass for the last 4 years as of today.

Love you, Sweetie!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Yeah, my title isn't real inspired.

I don't even know what to say.

We have a No-Fly Zone around and over the town.

A HuffPo reporter was arrested and forcibly removed by SWAT from a MickeyD's.
[Edited: Apparently one of the two I originally said was from the Washington Post, haven't found a good link confirming yet.]

I can't find any mention of what's going on on Yahoo.

The BBC has an article on their US news page.

If I'm honest I'm pretty well disappointed and flabbergasted. We have a military style occupation of an US town by US cops, who aren't military, and you have to go to Twitter to see what's going on.

America, I thought you were better than this. I know you can be better than this. Be better than this.