Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Facebook and the Hobby Lobby Decsion

So, Monday, I came in and wrote this, while completely pissed off. I've had time since then to both cool down and see what people I know are saying, mostly primarily Facebook, both pro and con. I won't be going into the details of the ruling here. Others much more qualified than me have been addressing the legal issues since the ruling was given.

Rather, I want and hope for this post to be something you can show your roommate, you parents, your boy/girlfriend.

I am going to address the two views I've seen the most that are for this ruling, that is, those who support Hobby Lobby in their decision to not fund certain contraceptives.

The first is, "Why do you (people against the decision) care? It doesn't affect you, you don't work for Hobby Lobby."

The second is, "Good! No company should have to pay for abortions or abortion-causing contraceptives."

I'm addressing these arguments in this order because for me, this is the easiest way to explain. The first leads into the second.

So, why do I care? After all, it's true that I don't work for Hobby Lobby.

The answer to that is twofold. The foremost and primary one is that I do use one of those newly-not-required-to-be-funded birth controls.

Specifically I use Paragard, the copper intra-uterine device (IUD). As for why I use this method of birth control, it's primarily because my husband and I (mostly I) are not currently ready to have any children, as a result of where we are in our lives. Husband and I just started two new careers. We've moved three states in the last year. We have a small apartment. We plan to move states again in about two years. None of which is particularly conducive to wanting a small human running around.

My other reason is medical. Conventional hormonal pill birth control was causing debilitating migraines for me. This was seriously affecting my quality of life and my ability to perform my job.
So my doctor and I, with no needed input from my then-employer decided that the 10 year lifespan and non-hormonal copper IUD was the best choice for me.

So, yes, I care because this option that is needed for women who know they don't want children in the near future, or who cannot take hormonal birth controls just had one of their best, if not one of their only options removed from them.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking. "But what about condoms?"

Well, condoms might be a great choice for some people. But believe it or not, you are making several assumptions. Amoung them that a womans partner is willing and capable of wearing a condom. In this case, willing means a partner who will take the time every time to put a condom on correctly. Willing means a partner who isn't abusive. It also assumes that both people are not allergic or sensitive to latex.

And this is another issue I've dealt with. I have latex sensitivity. I won't break out if I handle it or touch it, but condoms can range from uncomfortable to downright painful for me.

And yes while female and latex-free condoms do exist, they are often considerably more expensive, or in the case of female condoms, more expensive and quite rare. This means they are impractical for frequent use for many people.

Now, on to the second point I've been seeing, that companies with religious leanings should not be required to pay for abortions. This use of abortion includes contraceptives which are generally accepted to function by causing abortions, which include various IUDs and pills like Plan B.

The trouble with this common knowledge is that it simply isn't true. IUDs and Plan B do not cause abortions.

Now, different IUDs function by different methods, and I'm going to deal with the two most common.
  1. Paragard -- These are copper wire wrapped around a plastic "T"--They function as a spermicide via the copper. This is no different from the sponges, foams, or jellys that are apparently perfectly OK to use. This IUD is effective up to 10 years.
  2. Mirena -- These are a plastic "T" with hormones in them. These function the same as a low-hormone dose pill. It even still uses levonorgestrel, like a many kinds of "the Pill." This IUD is effective for up to 5 years.
Both Paragard and Mirena use some mechanical means as well. By that I mean that the T shape naturally inhibits a sperm from reaching eggs, further preventing chance of pregnancy. It is this mechanical shape-based inhibition that is often referred to as 'abortion.'

Next we have Plan B. Plan B is either a single dose or a two-dose system of levonorgestrel, just like Mirena, and just like many contraceptive pills. The difference is that the dosage is much higher than a daily pill would be. The window in which Plan B is effective is 72 hours. This window exists because all this pill does is trick a womans body into thinking it is already pregnant, which prevents conception by preventing the release of an egg from the ovary. HOWEVER, if you are already pregnant, it will do nothing. It will not harm you, it will not harm the fetus.

Repeating myself for emphasis, Plan B does not and cannot end a pregnancy.

It is a safety back up for when primary birth control "fails."

I have used it twice. Both were when my husband and I were still relying solely on male condoms for our contraception. Twice while I was working a minimum wage job and he was in grad school, we had concern that a condom had broken or otherwise leaked. Rather than risk a pregnancy at that time, I took Plan B to ensure that I would not get pregnant.

So at this point, I've established that Plan B and IUDs are often good choices or the best choice for various women in various circumstances. Circumstances you can't know just by looking at her. And I've shown that none of them are abortion-causing drugs.

Rather, they are simply another contraception option. Some women use them. Some do not. Either way, it is not the business of the business she works for.

I should also point out that this won't just affect the women who work for Hobby Lobby, but also any employees with spouses or daughters who are also covered by the company insurance plan.

Contraceptives, in all their forms are not the same thing as abortions.

And you know what? Even If they were, it still wouldn't be the business of anyone but the woman and her doctor. Not her boss, not your boss, not her Pastor, not your Pastor, not her company, not your company.

Your right to do stuff around me ends at my nose. And my uterus is well behind my nose.

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