Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not-Quite Liveblog of the Republican Debate

I'm a little late to the party, but here goes.

Cruz just started his first turn:
Cruz is claiming the "Obama economy is bust"
10% flat tax
Reduce/remove regulation on industries
Commentary--I used to work in supplier regulation. I don't care how many times they say that regulation is bad, that's simply not true
Kasich is talking over Bush, Bush is pretty irritated about it.
The buzzer/bell that they are using for "you are out of time" is already not working.
It is unbelievably obvious that they don't respect each other on stage at all.


Bush is just "repeal everything"
I can't figure out what his point is supposed to be


Fiorina---Problems are worse under Dems--Opened with anecdote about a "40 year old women with sevcral children
Need 5 things
1) 0 Base Budget
2) 3 page tax code
3) Hold Gov't officals accountable
Bell for time

Rand Paul - Oh god, sorry folks, I can't even with this. He's pure smarm..

My feed just cut out. Brb seeing if it's me.
And I'm back at the end of Carson.

Back to Trump
Trump is happy that the 5 million immigrants will be removed. Diss on Obama using Exectutive orders.
Blaming drugs and inner-city issues on immigrants.

He thinks they can come back but only under precise rule of law

Kasich is responding, saying need to control border, but doesn't think law abiding immigrants, pay penalty, stay, "think of the children" holds it's a silly argument.

Trump is responding and everyone is arguing goddamn

Kasich does not want to let Bush talk at all. good greif. Calling Trump out on "truth"

moderators trying to take control, failed. Trump is being an ass. Booing in crowd.

Bush is being snarky as hell to Trump. Agrees that shipping 11 million people back is rediculous. "They're doing high-fives in the Clinton campaign right now."
Offers path to legal status.

Rubio gets new question:
Jobs being replaced by machines? Rubio is acknowledging that the world and global economies are changing faster than can react.

And now he's just bashing Obamacare and regulations again. Seriously? I'm already tired of "Reduce and Repeal Obamacare"


Cruz gets entitlements question:
Wants raise of retirement age.
"Mainstream Media"

I'll give Cruz this, he's good at working the crowd.
He thinks being (rightly) called anti-immigrant is offensive. And the bell was 2 min or more ago. second bell

I think the moderators have already given up.


Fiorina wants Obamacare repealed. "Crony Capitalism"

hahahaha "No one can understand [Obamacare]..except the Lawyers, Regulators, Accountants." Um, yeah, I think that's the point.

Big government grumping. Assumes that because she doesn't know what's in the tax code, that therefore noone does.
oh here's her third
and I missed it.

Alternative to Obamacare is for States to do something no explanation of what that means.

So really I don't have much to add. they are all harping on repeal of Obamacare, Bush and Kasich are only two who don't want to deport all our undocumented immigrants, Trump managed to get booed, and I missed the two times Carson got to talk.

Carson wants a flat tax because Tithing. No deductions at all.


Rubio's is 14.5% flat with mortgage and charity deductions.


Cruz "There are more words in the tax code than there are in the bible -- an none of them are as good."

10% flat tax for personal, 16% flat for businesses

pimping his website. Wants to abolish the IRS.

Wants to abolish Commerce?! I'm pretty fucking sure at this point he has no idea what Federal employees do.

Everyone seems to ignore that abolishing any of the major Federal agencies would put thousands of people out of jobs...while claiming that this would create jobs.


Rubio is pimping strong family values weirdness.

Somethingsomething, Rubio and Rand are yelling at each other.'

Uhh, Jihadists, Iran, and China have now made verbal appearances


Wow, Paul is actually arguing agaisnt overspending on military.

and Cruz has butted in, and the moderators have lost all control.


Fiorina has stolen time now too.


Trump wants "bigger, better, stronger military."


Kasich tried to but in on Taxes and got shut down.


Trump is also claiming that documents are getting passed without being read at all.


Ok, I'm gonna stop here. The arguments are turning to just that, arguments and whinging about not getting enough airtime.

Goodnight folks.