Monday, July 21, 2014

Weird Al "Mission Statement"

Weird Al's new videos have gone straight to my funny bone this time. From proper grammar, to memories of marching band to the newest video of Corporate Gobledegook.

I have listened to so many Vice Presidents and other executives use so many of these phrases that I can't help but crack up while listening.

The artwork of the video is impressive as well.

Video below from Speakeasy in case the embed doesn't work.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hospital Update

Well I finally got discharged today.

Still have the sore throat, though it is marginally improving.

The pneumonia really isn't bothering me too much, I only have a little shortness of breath, and rare coughing.

I feel like a pincushion they stuck me with so many different needles.

I do not recommend hospitals for rest. They wake you up at the most ungodly hours to change IVs, take blood, shift change etc.

I passed out for like 6 hours as soon as I got home and I'll probably sleep the night through as well.

Posting is likely to continue to be light, as I fully expect to sleep the next couple of days solid.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I hate being sick part 2

Well dear readers, I'm in the hospital after about 8 hours at the er last night.

Might spike my posting, might not. Don't really know yet.

Friday, July 11, 2014

I hate being sick

Man I am such a wuss when it comes to being ill.

I've had an unbelivebly sore throat since Monday night, didn't really sleep. Went to the doc-in-the-box Wednesday morning but got a crappy doctor who didn't believe that over-the-counter pain meds weren't touching it, all he was concerned with was "Is it Strep or not?" (it's not, fucking viruses).  So he sends me back home, I go into work for half a day Wednesday, feel ok-ish until about 1am Thursday morning (yep no sleep again, oh and I hadn't managed to eat anything either, since Monday night) started having bowel issues, and dry heaves, and just generally panting to breathe, and by 4am was a complete emotional and physical wreck.

Woke poor husband up (he'd gone to bed around 1) and had him take me back to the doc-in-the-box at 4 in the flipping morning on Thursday. This time I got a nurse who listened to the no sleep, no food,  feel like complete shit and she sent me to one of the faux-ER docs (as opposed to the first doc who was more of a normal doc-in-the-box type doc). He was fucking brilliant. Listened to what I told him, and that the newest bizarreness that started while I was there was that I was tingly all over. He asked if my lips were tingly too, and when I said yes, he was like, well, your hyperventilating, looked at my chart (the doc-in-the-box is run by my healthcare provider, so they have access too all my history) saw that I have anxiety issues and ordered a saline IV to get fluid in me as well as an anti-nausea med and a Xanex type med to halt the panic attack that was causing the hyperventilation. 

The nurses were lovely, even though I was dehydrated enough that it took her two tries to get the IV in me. The Xanex type med did its job nice and quick, so I stopped hyperventilating, which got rid of the tingling and general numbness of my extremities.

Another nurse realized I was freezing from the cold saline IV and brought me *two* warmed blankets! and tucked me in.

I still hurt really badly, and the lidocaine has been triggering my gag reflex rather than numbing my throat, which sucks massively as it puts me right back where I was with not being able to swallow (without crazy amounts of pain).

So where I'm at right now is not being able to go into work, not being able to  swallow for all practical purposes, and not really being able to talk because pain either.

All you medicine researchers out there, for the love of being able to breathe, swallow and talk, please invent some more anti-virals so that this kind of shit only lasts a few days, rather than an entire fucking week. Please?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I'd been semi-avoiding watching this because I'd heard that it was an ad.

Now I wish I hadn't waited. An ad it may be. But damn! it's inspiring. I teared up.

The Dresden Files

So. I am completely addicted to the Dresden Files. I mean, Urban Fantasy is one of my staple genres, so I'm actually a bit surprised it took me until December of '13 to even discover them. I read the first 14 between December and March.

The 15th book Skin Game came out last Monday, I'd had it on order from Amazon, so I got it right off. Of course, I couldn't read it until today, as I've had family in town for a ridiculous length of time.

I've put one of the funniest conversations below the fold. There are no spoilers, but I know some people like to avoid all information about a book this far in the series.

Word of the Day I

So, in my line of work, I come across old, unused, underused and simply bizzare words in the English language.

Some of this is due to reading documents from as far back as the late 1800's, some of it is translation oddness, and some of it is people trying to prove their vocabulary.

If this is found amusing, I will continue to post more "Words of the Day"

Today's is "Squab"

This is a chair cushion that is usually removable or otherwise non-permanent (in current usage).

According to Etymology Online:
1680s, "very young bird," earlier (1630s) "unformed, lumpish person" and used at various times for any sort of flabby mass, such as sofa cushions; probably from a Scandinavian word (compare dialectal Swedish skvabb "loose or fat flesh," skvabba "fat woman"), from Proto-Germanic *(s)kwab-. Klein lists cognates in Old Prussian gawabo "toad," Old Church Slavonic zaba "frog."

I'm not even surprised anymore that it is derived from a word that means  'fat woman,' or 'fat' more generally.

Oh English, and your hidden ways of insult.