Monday, June 9, 2014


So I went and saw Maleficent last night with a group of friends. It was better than I expected. I intentionally did not read any reviews because I didn't want to be influenced.

I thought the raven Diaval pretty well stole the show. He was a clever, sweet and a sympathetic character. Several times he was clearly able to anticipate what Maleficent was planning or needed.

Angelina Jolie did a much better job than I expected based on the past movies I'd seen her in. However, I actually liked "young" Maleficent better. She had a lovely Scottish accent that just kinda disappeared when we jumped to Jolie.

There were some cute callbacks to the Disney Sleeping Beauty, like the crazy messy cake for Aurora's birthday.

Phillip made an appearance, but they subverted the 'rescued by a White Knight' a couple of times. To the point that except for the few laughs his character gave, he really added nothing to the story.

I feel that there were several plot holes, but none so egregious as to ruin the movie.

Thankfully they did not add any blatant sequel-bait.

It was funny and cute, with no Disney singing or acid-trip  sequences. I would say see it at a second run/dollar theater or rent/buy when it comes out on DVD or digital. I don't feel like it was worth the $24 it cost me to see it at a theater. I should also note that I did not see it in 3D as I can't stand 3D movies.

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