Monday, March 16, 2015

Fitbit Charge HR Review

So Husband and I have been trying to get into shape, that dream of all New Years resolutions.

To that end I've been trying to discipline myself to calorie track and use the Fitbit Force I got for Christmas. Well. Husband and I finally started actually doing the "working out" part of that about two weeks ago, and I discovered the fundamental flaw of the Force. It doesn't pick up steps or distance traveled on a treadmill.

But I liked how accurate it was picking up my approximately 2 mile walking commute, so I decided to try the Charge HR. So.
Things I like:

  • To the best of my ability to tell, accurate for heart rate and distance
  • Picks up/tracks distance and steps, even on a treadmill
  • Don't have to put it into "sleep mode" to track sleep
  • Reasonably comfortable
  • Watch strap where the tab to hold down the end has a plug to go through the last hole and hold the strap still. Why have watches not done this before?!
Things I don't like:
  • Silicone band
  • It's textured on the outer surface, so it picks up *more* dog fur and dust than should be possible. I got the black one, and have a white dog. You do the math.
  • You do need to move it around periodically as the heart rate monitor is designed to press slightly into your skin. I have ridiculously formable skin, so it leaves an indentation on my skin. However, that's probably just me.
  • The "face" that actually sits on top of your arm (not wrist) is actually a little bit wider than my arm. So even with a "small" I have about a fingers worth of empty air on both sides.
So to sum up. It's comfortable, the Fitbit app works smoothly, I've had no problems with getting the devices to sync, and it's a fairly slick bit of tech. But those of us who are smaller than the "average" small adult are still getting left out of the wearable tech market in the sense of having things sized correctly.
Lovely gap between my wrist and the band. The green light is the heart tracker LED. 

All The Fur!!!!

I wear it third from the end on small

Size reference. Yes that is an U.S. quarter. Yes it is nearly the size of my wrist.

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