Thursday, March 26, 2015

BeatBurn by Lolo Review

So since I run on a treadmill I have a hard time staying motivated to run for much longer than 15-20 minutes, which is about 1 mile for me.

My husband was browsing apps today and found this amusing one, though it doesn't really work for a treadmill as you have to be able to change speed on the fly since you're running from zombies.

So I started looking for apps that were geared toward use with/on a treadmill and I found this one. BeatBurn by Lolo. As someone who is new to the whole 'working out' thing, this app is very interesting.

Firstly, it's a really nice, clean interface. Full props for intuitiveness and simplicity. Second it has a lot of possible choices. You start with 'Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced,' then select how long you want the workout to be, if you prefer walking/walk-jog/run for your pace and finally if you prefer going faster or more incline for challenges.

The next thing you do is import music from your phone/ipod to the app where it scans the tracks and pulls down the BPM from the internet.

The app then selects a song from your music library that roughly matches the pace you should be moving at, so that your feet are hitting the treadmill to the beat. To further this, the app is capable of slightly altering the speed of your music. So it picks one that is close and then speeds the song up or down as needed. It's really interesting to hear a song you know really well slower than usual.

I've seen in some reviews that people were complaining that it wasn't altering the speed of their music. I suspect these reviewers either a) weren't paying close enough attention or b) aren't musicians to notice the often subtle changes as the app does pick songs that are very close so that you don't get a deepening or chipmunk effect.

And then during the workout. This is where I've found this gem of an app to really shine. It calculates a new routine for you every day based on the initial information you gave it. With my settings I get both some speed and incline based intervals. The app both shows and tells (via headphones) when to change the settings on the treadmill and what to change them too. I've had 5 minute intervals at a medium effort level and 15 second intervals of "holy shit." The need to be thinking and changing the treadmill manually, combined with the music, helps me keep from getting completely and utterly bored that I usually do when on a treadmill. As a result, (this is day 4, I think?), I've actually walk/jogged for my full half-hour been dripping sweat and averaging 1.5 miles. Prior to this I was doing about 1 mile, and not pushing myself at all.

To top all that off, you can change the intensity of the workout on the fly in app. It'll adjust from wherever you are in the workout on to give you a breather or to make it more intense. It really gives a sense of having a trainer and freedom to do what feels best at the same time.

This is the first app I've bought in ages, if not ever that I felt the $4 price tag wasn't exorbitant. It's not an applet or mini-program like so many apps are. It is a full, comprehensive workout companion.

(you know, I never thought I'd be reviewing work out stuff and liking it.

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