Saturday, March 28, 2015

Zelda WiiU Delay

So Zelda for WiiU has been delayed indefinitely. According to this video, the development is going so well that the dev team is discovering all kinds of things they want to add to the game. This fleshing out and completing the game to perfection is the current goal. As such we will not be seeing Zelda WiiU until not 2015.

I am not surprised but I am disappointed. With the maintained lack of third party support Nintendo really needs to bring their A game to any in-house games they release. And with the luke-warm reception of Mario Party 10, they've already used their one "Ok, that one wasn't good, but all their other stuff is, so I'll keep buying" for the year.

As for the Club Nintendo closure, I'm sill frustrated that they didn't roll memberships of Club Nintendo into whatever the new loyalty program is going to be, but I am excited to see what kinds of mobile games are in the works.

I play a lot of mobile mini-games when I'm in between things, and don't necessarily want the extra weight of my 3DS with me. So I can easily see situations where I would want an iPhone/Android game that gives me my Pokemon/Zelda/Mario fix while still wanting and having the full or bigger versions on the 3DS. I know some people think that phone-based mobile games will be the death of handheld consoles, but I still like the separation.

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