Monday, February 9, 2015

Club Nintendo Closing

Nintendo is closing Club Nintendo. This makes me suuuper sad. I mean, I've been a member since before it was even called Club Nintendo.

I registered my GameBoy Advance SP alll the way back in 2004. It became Club Nintendo in 2009.

This was a great way for them to get feedback on Nintendo-published games. Plus, we got awesome loot for being their feedback/survey monkeys.

I still wear my 8-bit Mario t-shirt, I use my Pikmin tote as my lunchbag, the Platinum award several years ago was a sweet statue of most of the main characters from Super Mario.

As a consumer, I'm failing to see the downside to this program.

Further, it's clear they weren't planning on closing it until recently as fairly new games, like Pokemon AlphaSapphire/OmegaRuby have Club Nintendo codes that the expiration date isn't until 2018.

We have until March 31 (also the last day to register both 3DS and WiiU SSB to get Mewtwo) to get all our games registered, and then all codes expire. We have until June 30th to redeem our Coins. 

Why, Nintendo, why?

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