Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Next Doctor

I like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

I wish they would give Vastra, Jenny and Strax their own show.

I like that they took the time to allow us to get used to the new doctor, like they did for Ten.

As an American, Capaldi's accent got a bit troublesome, so I resorted to subtitles, but I think it'll only take an episode or two more for me to get used to it.

There were more back references to past (mostly new Who) moments in this one episode than I can ever remember in a single episode prior.

I think Clara is actually a better foil for Capaldi than she was for Smith. The chemistry feels more friendly and is more like what Ten and Donna had. It feels more natural. Personally, I appreciate the pointed removal of the crush/love interest companion, partly because I'd like to see River continue to make appearances.

Clara actually had personality this episode. She's been hit and miss to me, and this was one of the good ones.

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