Friday, September 27, 2013

Diamond and Fan Cowl

When I first started fiber arts, crochet was this bizarre thing that as a knitter, I could not fathom and didn't feel I would ever be able to fathom. Then, about 10 months ago I inherited my grandmothers old hooks, so I decided what the hell, can't hurt to try. 

It has now reached the point where I should really consider myself a crocheter first and knitter second. I still haven't mastered thread work, but things like color changes feel so much more natural to me.

I've even begun to learn how to read...charts! (Which I still cannot do to save my life for knitting)

So, anyway, here is my Fall-themed project, adapted from a flat diamond and fan pattern to circular by yours truly. All three yarns are Sublime Cotton DK. I'm not sure how we'll the sheen will show up in photos, but it has a lovely silk appearance, even though it is 100% cotton. This is hands down my favorite cotton yarn.

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