Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Diablo 3!?

So the husband and I picked up Diablo 3 on Xbox 360 this last weekend. We both bought copies of the PC version last year, and while we enjoyed it, the pay-to-win feel of it really dampened our long-term devotion to the game. Total, I think we beat the normal difficulty together and then I stopped, and I think he made it to Inferno before he stopped. (Incidentally, Blizzard has announced they are closing the PC auction house, citing the game-breaking features above.)

The console version is actually a lot of fun. The removal of the real money auction house and the subsequent revised drop rates for rare and legendary items makes the game a lot more functional. It's not pay-to-win anymore.

Blizzard has also mapped each major spell to a button on the controller, the point-and-click movement is gone, replaced by Torchlight-like control of the characters, making the controller feel very natural and simple to use. Unusually, I actually prefer the controller to the keyboard for this game.

If you need a new dungeon-running game, I would recommend console Diablo 3 highly. If you are a PC gamer who hasn't bought D3 yet, I'd still get it on console.

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